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Some time ago (at the end of May this year) on our Facebook page Wind Travelers I have decided to create a poll and ask people what we should do. There was only one question – should we travel the world or buy a sailing boat. Even when I was asking this question, deep down I knew what we wanted to do… Needless to say the poll favourites a sailing boat 🙂

I am not impressed with travelling any more. I do not have a desire to do so again and again. In the past I wanted to extend my world and go to many exotic places such as New Zealand, Brasil, Argentina… name few more, far away from Europe, from the UK. Someone might say I have never travelled really, since I was always working full-time and my longest holidays was 3 weeks. You might be right, but I do not feel my heart jumping from joy when I think about quitting my job and going somewhere. And I could do just that, any moment. I am not afraid to do that. If I discover tomorrow I am jobless, I would not feel a fear at all. Why would I? I am slowly detaching myself from the demands of the approved way of life society has installed in me.

I have read a lot about how expensive keeping a sailing boat is. That the BOAT means Break Out Another Thousand. That there is hardly any marina in the UK allowing living aboard. That if you want to live on a sailing boat, you must have a substantial income. The insurance is high and it will not cover all the possibilities of loosing the boat. That we would spend every single minute fixing it, rather than sailing.

Frankly, if we buy a sailing boat, we will have to keep our jobs for another 10 years, spend all our free time in the marina, we would never go away on a normal holidays, because we could not afford it. Perhaps as with travel, we would get bored after few years. It is so easy to stop travel, so difficult to stop having a boat.

And then there are stories about breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, about the feeling of freedom, when you are sailing. The wind whispers to you and the waves purr when they disappear behind the horizon. The feeling of freedom is overwhelming. You are able to forget about the world you are leaving behind. Life become simpler and more precious. And I know these stories are true, because they are my stories too.

I do not like the rush of today’s world. I do not like that we became lazy, accustomed to all the comforts around. Bigger houses, better cars, greater jobs, holidays we can brag about. Yes, I love travelling, and I travel a lot, even though I work full time. If we buy a sailing boat, we will have to stop travel – there is no doubt about that. But I would not mind that at all. Because I have realised what I really want to become – a sailor. And for me to become one I have to have a boat, I have to get to know her really well, love her, not only the sailing aspect. Without a boat I will not become a sailor, simple as that. I am a slow learner, I need my own boat to be able to call myself a sailor, because only this way I will learn how to sail.

In a few days we will be travelling to Scotland for a week of sailing. Saying I cannot wait is understatement. I suddenly realised that no other vacation than sailing is making me feel this way. And even though I have to conquer many fears when I sail, there is no one thing in the world which would make me more happier. I guess I did not really need the poll to discover that. So please, keep your fingers crossed for us, as we are slowly approaching a brand new adventure. This time I do not want to give up and change my mind. As this time I simply know.

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