Not a “Bucket List”

We have less than a year left now, before we head off. That is the plan anyway. Some might say – tell your plans if you do not want them to happen. But I am not superstitious. I believe that if something is destined to happen, it will. This approach saved me many times, allowing me to reach a peace with myself and the situation I unexpectedly found myself in. 

Scotland – on the road towards Edinburgh

I do not like a term “Bucket List” either. For me it implies the definite end, when all the boxes are ticked, all the aims are reached. There is nothing left. Of course, you can extend your “Bucket List” to no end, but if you do that it is not a “Bucket List” anymore. It is a way of living. And would you really call it a “Bucket List”? I know I would not.


We aim to travel for a year, starting on 1 April 2020. This date could obviously change, depending on what is going to happen in our lives during the time before we hit the road. But I like to have a date I am working towards rather than a “I will travel a lot in the near future.”

Zagora Desert, Morocco

My personality love order, but at the same time I love spontaneity, unexpected, surprising. I have an open heart and an open mind. So on one side I want to plan what we are going to do, on the other – I want to be able to make last minute decision about our next destination.

Corfu, Greece

I have decided to bring this page to life and start gathering all the info we need for our year of travelling. I want to put here things like:

  • Destinations
  • Health
  • Travel Insurance
  • Money abroad
  • Staying in touch

And anything else I can think of. I am sure I will extend this list as I continue my research. This is Virgo in me – yes, be spontaneous but be prepared.

I do not know where this trip takes us, but I hope there will be a rainbow at the end 🙂


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