RTW Trip – New Zealand – the camper van challenge

Planning the round the world trip is not easy! So many things to remember, but at the same time to enjoy as well. We still have not finished our destinations list fully and are not really sure if we can stick to it, when it is done. I have a feeling that some changes will be made along the way. Luckily, the round the world ticket offers a possibility to change the date (not a destination!) and this will give us some flexibility, in case we decide that we would like to stay somewhere longer than planned.

The first place we would like to visit is New Zealand. Even now we have not decided yet for how long we would like to stay there. First idea was a month, but now we are coming down to two weeks and few days. The plan is to start from London on 1 April 2020, which is Wednesday, catch our breath in Auckland, deal with a jet-lag and explore a little. Then on Saturday we would like to be able to pick up our camper van and start exploring for two weeks!

It would be nice to be able to rent a self-contained motor home and free camp, visiting a proper campsite occasionally, but the cost of such a home is too high for us. In our case a simple two-bed camper with a possibility to heat some water for the morning coffee will do. There is many website to chose your camper van from, so nearer the date I will go through some of them, and try to find the best possible deal 🙂 At this moment Apollocamper caught my eye, so I might come back to this one when we are ready to book!

As we will need to stay on camp sites overnight, having a map would be handy. Detournz is providing just that, and you can get your pdf and print it out! The map includes few details about the sites and later on, when I start planning our New Zealand trip, I will make sure I have a proper list we can follow, and that we will include all the places we really want to visit! 100% Pure New Zealand has something what is worth reading through and considering when building my list!

I am feeling excited and scared at the same time, but I am definitely looking forward to planning the New Zealand trip!

All pictures in this post were taken from Pexels.

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