The flames, the tears and the loss – saying goodbye to Notre Dame, Paris

Last Monday afternoon we were standing on the platform awaiting our train to the airport. We were saying goodbye to Paris, not realizing that we were saying goodbye to one of the most iconic sights in this incredible city too – Notre Dame cathedral. While we were standing on the platform, the cathedral was burning. The fire was consuming 800 years of history, beauty and people’s memories.

This symbol of people’s faith, iconic sight growing in the middle of the city, proudly shooting its spire into the sky, is complete no more . The firefighters were risking their lives to save two belfry towers holding the cathedral’s bells and to rescue as many artifacts as it was possible. Restoration works could take up to 15 years and cost €1 billion.

The officials say that the fire was accidental, it has started just minutes after the restoration workers left the side for the day. The investigation is still under way, but it does not looks like the fire was deliberate. It just happened. Probably someone did not take all the necessary care when finishing the cigarette… We might never find out.

I am going to miss Notre Dame in its full glory, when I go to Paris in October. I will miss its beautiful spire, the light playing inside, the calmness of its Gothic inside. I will not like the changes to the landscape around it, the emptiness of the sky.

The loss of the Notre Dame cathedral is making me realize that nothing is everlasting, that things are changing all the time. That if you have a dream, perhaps there is no more time to wait. Maybe it is time to stop asking when and start asking how? Perhaps it is time to stop focusing on the not important details, but to start taking in the big picture? Because life will happen regardless of what you decide to do. Life will go on regardless of your fears, insecurities. You might get hit by a bus tomorrow, but you might as well live a long life, so take care how you want to live it, no matter how long.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow, what you might miss if you decide to stay were you are, decide not to start discovering the world, meet new people, try something new. The most happy people are not the once with a lot of money, but the once who feel that each day is taking them in the right direction to fulfill their dream. Each day is a celebration, adventure, happiness, surprise. We all have the means to follow our dreams, but the most difficult is to know what this dream is. If you know that, you are half-way there already.

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