The Norway – Denmark sailing adventure – 50h passage from Stavanger to Hirtshals

Quite incredibly there are people on this planet who do not suffer the seasickness. Whatever the weather, the high of the waves and the swell frequency, they are completely unfazed. The second category are the sailors who know how to deal with their seasickness. They have experienced it and decided to fought it. Some of them are really lucky, as they have successfully found a way to avoid it or at least sugarcoat it. But there are as well few unlucky ones, who do suffer whatever they do. There is just no cure for them.

I consider myself the lucky one, the one who did experience the seasickness and found a way to conquer it, kill it, squash it. I believe in my way so hard that I am winning. We were making a long passage – 50 hours of sailing with a strong wind hitting well above 30 knots (record was 38, average 32-34), the waves spitting with a foam and the howling sea. We were closing on 8 in a Beaufort scale. Making a tea activated hidden acrobatic abilities and the instant soup became the main meal.

There is one thing you have to do if you are feeling that the seasickness is on its way. You must eat and you must drink, no mercy! If you do not, your body will be feeling neglected, weaker. The lack of sleep won’t help either. And you might have a problem with sleeping if your bed is located on the bow. Yep. Up and down, up and down, up and down… No break.

Awaiting the rain

During longer passages the time has a different meaning. You are calculating every move, scrutinize your every need, thinking twice before changing clothes or going to the toilet. You are happy if you can find a place which allows you to limit your movements. You are grateful for every little help someone else is offering. And you love the fresh air, even though the rain is pouring and the sea is hitting you with a fresh buckets of water on every occasion possible.

Heading into the night on sea

You are getting jealous watching the birds, completely unfazed by the wind and waves, sitting down on the water and lazily rocking with the sea. When it is your turn at the helm, you are putting all the clothes to waterproof yourself and you are fighting with the sea, wind and rain, getting a free and quiet often unexpected shower, which somehow is travelling through your waterproof clothes down your spin. No mercy! You feel like joining the sea in its screech, cutting the waves which are whacking your face.

Disappearing sun…

Your sails are trimmed, and you are flying on a piece of a fabric, if you lucky enough. If you are not, you hardly move, no progress is made. And your only hope is that the wind will cease, the sea will settle at some point and you will be able to catch a break.

Welcome to Hirtshals

And when you finally reaching your port, you feeling immense relive, happiness is overwhelming, and again, you start believing that the sea is your friend, demanding respect and challenging you to reach further and further. And the beer has never been sweeter!

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