The Norway – Denmark sailing adventure – a pleasant 30h ride to Helsingor.

I could hardly believe our luck, when we left Hirtshals the next day in the early afternoon. The weather was just perfect! Enough wind to carry us in the right direction, fantastic company and clean hair 🙂 The visibility was high, and the openness of the sea, the freedom of travelling with the wind made me and the rest of the crew a bunch of happy bunnies!

When you are sailing only from time to time, when you do not live on a sailing boat permanently and you just basically dreaming of doing just that, having an opportunity to sail in perfect conditions is a rare gift. We had plenty of time to enjoy some coffee on deck, letting the sun play on our faces, wearing sunglasses and no gloves! The boat sailed by herself, and the job of the person behind the wheel was reduced to touching the wheel and making a minimal moves to help Bahia Sol to stay on track. No auto-pilot needed!

Saying our goodbyes to lovely Hirtshals…

There is not much to do during a passage. If the weather is right, you do enjoy it, sitting on the deck in the sun and watching the sea, chatting with others, discovering fascinating things about your fellow travellers, catching up on some sleep as for some sleeping on a boat is not an easy affair. If you just went through a rough passage, then recovering from the unpleasant effects of the seasickness is definitely on the agenda.

Not as lonely as you might think!

This was our second week on a boat, so I got used to being there, sleeping in the bow cabin, letting Bahia Sol lull me and Marcin to sleep, listening to different sounds coming our way day and night. If you never sailed and you are about to go on your first sailing adventure, you might be surprised at the variety and the frequency of sounds you will hear day and night. There is so many different sources of them on a boat! And if you expect it to be quieter when in marina, you might be slightly shocked how untrue it is!

Kacper and I were lucky enough to have our shift during the day and we could sleep during the night. Bahia Sol was happily cutting the sea, heading toward evening with me behind the wheel, counting down the last few hours of our last shift. An uneasy feeling of something beautiful ending was lurking. But there was not much I could do about that now, so I chose to enjoy the perfect sail and the fantastic company.

Kronborg welcoming us in the port of Helsingor

The next day the banks of Helsingor and the Kronborg castle welcomed us with open arms and the exploring on the land commenced!


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