The Norway – Denmark sailing adventure – good people of Stavanger.

We left Lysefjord in the very early morning, watching the fog being trapped by the rocks, unable to disappear. The silence of the morning was interrupted by the nearby waterfall, scratching the rocks, pulsating on its way down. The ferry’s growl was slowly rising, cutting the smooth water, hitting the deck and stopping to spit out 3 people who were here to start their own adventure. After a quick toilet and Rysio’s failed attempt to capture some footage with the drone, we were ready to sail to Stavanger.

My first impressions of Stavanger were not great. When you approach from the water, you see many industrial buildings, some very high residential blocks and huge ships, settling in the port. However if you can be tempted to explore the town, do not give it a miss!

But before we could do that, we needed, as always, sort out our stay, pay the charges, make sure we have access to electricity and water. That however was not as easy as it should be. We are living in the world where machines are getting more and more tasks to fulfill and the self-service way of living is well developed. If you can negotiate with the people, surprise, surprise, it is not possible with a machine. And the one in Stavanger was a very moody lady!

The machine was broken. It did not want to accept any credit cards and was practically turning us down, not wanting the money and not wanting to share the code for the shower facilities. We have found a phone to the harbour master and I started to explain our situation. The harbour master was an absolute gem, promising to come and help us out, since there was no phone number to anyone who were operating the marina’s machine.

The hope dies last and I am, after all, a very optimistic person. I do believe that there is always a solution to any situation life puts you in. With this hope and a promise from the harbour master, I went for a walk around marina, believing that I might meet someone who might know the code. No such luck, but I have met a very nice Norwegian man from another boat, trying his luck with a lady-machine. While we were talking and trying to make it work, the harbour master arrived.

He did not know the code (which is 3578, in case you need it – Ewa, you are a gem, thank you!), but he had a key to the shower facilities! We have already tried and hooked ourselves up to the electricity and water, as these machines did work, so it did look like we were sorted! The harbour master disappeared and left me with an open door and no means to block it. I had a vague feeling that he was saying he will be back, but was not entirely sure if he was. The friendly Norwegian disappeared as well and I was left with an open door and no means to block it.

But hey! If there is a problem, there must be a solution to it! I took off one of my wellies, blocked the door with it and started jumping towards our boat, waiving my hands frantically and shouting to the rest of the crew. Rysio was the first to see me and started running towards me, not really sure what was happening. When he was close by, I could see his eyes getting bigger and bigger, when he finally understood what was happening. He quickly found a piece of wood, we blocked the door and I could get back my wellie!

Few minutes later the harbour master came back and blocked the door using a thick brown tape. It gave us access to the facilities without a code and all of us could enjoy a hot shower in the evening!

After all this excitement Marcin and I went for a walk to the town. Stavanger is amazing! Many small alleys you can loose yourself in, thousands of cafes with outside space to enjoy a nice evening, many many soft lights to make the atmosphere even more relaxing. I felt like I was in the Meds rather than in cold and dark Norway!

After our walk we came back to have a well earned dinner and spend some time enjoying the great company of the captain and the fantastic crew, we were lucky to be a part of. The next day was looking interesting, as we were going to visit Norwegian Petroleum Museum, located just a few meters from our boat!

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