The Norway – Denmark sailing adventure – welcome to the blue sky of Hirtshals!

The blue sky over our heads was such a nice distraction compering to the grey sea, strong wind and battering rain. The sailing was fantastic, as we still have a lot of wind to carry us forward and the sea was slowly calming down. The crazy waves time was finally over and the mood on the boat was lifting. As the sea was quieting down, more and more people decided that the best place to be is on the deck and enjoyed fresh air and sun playing on our faces.

We have managed to get to Hirtshals late afternoon. There was quiet a lot of other boats sitting around and we were not sure where to stop. And there was no one around to help us out. At first we stopped where we could find a place, near the fishing boat, hoping we are not taking up someone else’s place, and then started to look for a phone number to the harbour-master to ask for the instructions and the payment options.

Port in Hirtshalsh

We were lucky! One of the port workers was able to come in and assisted us with berthing, payment and access to the bathroom. The thought about hot shower was incredibly tempting. But I discovered a change in myself. In the past shower would be the first thing on my mind after a long passage, my body demanded comfort and to be finally treated nicely. But I knew there are more important things in life than shower and it was spending time with the captain and the rest of the crew over a nice cold beer in a local bar. And this is what we did exactly – after all the formalities were completed, a group of us went to town to look for a place to sit, drink some beer and talk.

When I think about this I am surprised. I just spend 50 long hours with the same people and I still wanted to spend more time with them, sitting in an empty bar and drinking some beer, get to know them better. We were a happy bunch! We have just sailed 50 hours straight, often fighting not only with the choppy sea but with our own weaknesses and insecurities. And we won.

The next day the reality hit – the shower turned out to be a long garden hose and the water was either boiling hot or icy cold. But the bathroom was big enough and it offered a possibility to dry hair. The majority of us went there the next day, and Emilka found a way to use the water so it will not freeze you to death or leave you burned. A huge tank of water was heating up constantly and this is how you had a very hot water at the beginning. But when you started to use the water up, the tank would automatically fill in with cold water and you would get to a nice temperature eventually! And the shower under the garden hose was lovely!

We left the next day, heading for Helsingor, another 30 hours on the sea… Life of a sailor 🙂 You gotta love it!

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